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"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankrolls smaller, homes happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for."

Dear Calanthe,

These are our heartfelt wishes for you. Some advice, some stories, some words of encouragement. Best of luck with your new daughter. She will surely bring you both a lifetime of challenges, joys, tears, and triumphs.


Your LJ Friends


Huge congratulations to you and Mr Calanthe xxx

We wrote you fic, because we're not so great with the baby stuffs

Conga-rat fic behind cutCollapse )

You did it!

Wow, it was only a year ago that we were talking about agonizing over having kids, and now you've gone and done it! Congratulations on getting through this in one piece, and I wish you and your partner all the joy in the world in raising Thea Holly. ♥ ♥ ♥

norton_gale [AM]

On being new and beautiful

I only really know you from norton_gale's journal, but I wanted to share my wishes and experience with you:

When my daughter was born, I asked my mother:

"What would you have done differently if you had me to raise all over again?"

Without taking even a moment to think, she sighed and said:

"I would have spent less time cleaning the house and more time making mudpies."

My own advice to you about this time in your life:

Throw away all the Cosmos, the Glamours, the Elles, the Harper's Bazarres. (And throw away about 99 percent of the "parenting" magazines that are going to be shoved at you. They only exist to sell you formula and diapers.) Don't watch shows like "What not to wear" or Style court that only exist to make people feel bad about themselves for not conforming to social beauty trends. And if someone says to you, "You look good for just having had a baby," tell them to kiss your ass. You don't look good for just having had a baby - you look good. Period. Exclamation point. Do not let surrounding culture tell you that you aren't, or that you aren't as good as you could be, that you need to be unhappy with your new body or that you need fixing. Because to that little miracle that traveled through you and into the world, you are the only thing she can see, the only place that her eyes can focus, and to her - you are perfection. You are center of her awareness. You are the embodiment of love, of safety, of warmth, of comfort, of nourishment, of beauty. When you think about it, there is nothing more beautiful in the world.

I wish for your family a lifetime of peace, growth, comfort, and love.

- crucio_4_coffee

Hi, mummy :D (Er. No puns intended.)

Dear Calanthe,
we don't know you in person, but we've been reading your fanfics for so long (in Grace’s great Italian translation, too) that we think about you with affection and love. We'd really like to give you our best wishes for your new-born, beautiful baby with two separate messages, since only one of us shares with you the experience of maternity.
Vale (valeneri)
I’m the mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old baby, Leonardo, and I’ve renamed him “Bother”. But every time he comes to me and says a new word, or hugs me, or simply smiles, I can’t stop thinking that he is worth all my time and all my troubles.
My son makes every day of my life full, adventurous and joyful. I’m sure your little Thea Holly will make yours even better!
In the last two and a half years I’ve learned a few things: there are no fixed or infallible rules, each baby is different and unique, and a happy mother is better than a self-sacrificing mother. Don’t give up on your free time or your private interests, ask for help and trust your instinct. This is the best for your baby and you’ll enjoy all your time with her. 
Since I’ve read that your nipples are bleeding, here is what happened to me.  
I breast-fed my son every two hours for almost two years, and that was the most satisfying experience in my life. However I have friends that couldn’t do that, and their sons are all healthy and happy. So, no fixed rules. Though if you like breast-feeding, my advice is: don’t be depressed, because I know that’s a very difficult trial, in the beginning. I had rhagades ten days after his birth, and everybody told me to stop breast-feeding and start with a bottle. But I wanted to breast-feed. I insisted, I gritted my teeth, and finally I went to an acupuncturist and it worked well for me. So, trust yourself. Always.
Luciana (silverhielm)
There is little I want to tell you: what impresses me most about you is your independence and your strength. As we said before, we don't know you in person, but these qualities have always appeared through your posts and the idea of human relationships you portrayed in your most popular fanfic. Not that you need to be reassured about this, but I'm sure that your daughter will be delighted by your creativity and your open-mindedness. Take care, honey!
Hugs and kisses from your big Italian fans! ♥♥♥

I hope you have a swift recovery from the surgery and that you and Thea Holly are both well. And good luck for the next eighteen years...

Lots of love,
I looked up "Thea" on babynames.com and saw that it means "gift from god."  A fitting name, indeed, for such a beautiful, rosy-cheeked little girl.  And "Holly," of course, is what Harry's wand is made of, as well as an age-old symbol of goodwill, peace, health and happiness.  I wish all of these things for you, your partner, and your lovely little daughter.  My heartfelt love and congratulations to all three of you.



All the best!

Congratulations and best wishes to you and your partner as you begin your journey into parenthood! May your daughter bring you the happiest of joys, the greatest of wonders and the gift of a special love only a parent and child can share.


In my thoughts

I hold bright thoughts for the very special relationship you have created in your life.  You are beginning a love affair of all time.
Indeed, blessings for your family!



I've just read on my flist that you're going for the cesarean tomorrow, so it won't be long now! I've been away from livejournal for the past couple of weeks, but I've been thinking of you and will continue to do so tomorrow. I'm not a mother, so I have no advice, but I suspect that it'll come to you when you need it, anyway. Here's a joke instead:

For weeks, a 6-year old lad kept telling his teacher about the baby brother or sister that was expected at his house.

One day the mother allowed the boy to feel the movements of the unborn child. The 6-year old was obviously impressed, but he made no comment. Furthermore, he stopped telling his teacher about the impending event.

The teacher finally sat the boy on her lap and said, "Thomas, whatever became of that baby brother or sister you were expecting at home?"

Thomas burst into tears and confessed, "I think Mummy ate it!"

(Well, I thought it was cute, anyway. :D )